The Web of the Golden Spider cover

The Web of the Golden Spider

Frederick O. Bartlett (1876-1945)

1. 01 - The Closed Door Opens
2. 02 - Chance Provides
3. 03 - A Stranger Arrives
4. 04 - The Golden God Speaks
5. 05 - In the Dark
6. 06 - Blind Man's Buff
7. 07 - The Game Continues
8. 08 - Of Gold and Jewels Long Hidden
9. 09 - A Stern Chase
10. 10 - Strange Fishing
11. 11 - What Was Caught
12. 12 - Of Love and Queens
13. 13 - Of Powder and Bullets
14. 14 - In the Shadow of the Andes
15. 15 - Good News and Bad
16. 16 - The Priest Takes a Hand
17. 17 - 'Twixt Cup and Lip
18. 18 - Blind Alleys
19. 19 - The Spider and the Fly
20. 20 - In the Footsteps of Quesada
21. 21 - The Hidden Cave
22. 22 - The Taste of Rope
23. 23 - The Spider Snaps
24. 24 - Those In the Hut
25. 25 - What the Stars Saw
26. 26 - A Lucky Bad Shot
27. 27 - Dangerous Shadows
28. 28 - A Dash For Port
29. 29 - The Open Door Closes

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The Web of the Golden Spider is a tale of mystery, intrigue and adventure that begins in the city, progresses to a mutinous open sea voyage, eventually leading to the remotest areas on the slopes of the Andes of South America. Wilson, our hero, finds himself in the midst of a battle between a deposed queen and revolutionists who have banded together in an effort to bring their country together as a republic. Wilson, although torn between helping mercenaries, freedom fighters and revolutionaries, is more concerned with the rescuing of the girl he has fallen in love with, but who has been snatched from him by a mysterious priest. That, and the finding of the famed treasure of El Dorado rumored to have been buried beneath Lake Guadiva. (Introduction by Roger Melin.)



- The Web of the Golden Spider

Would have been a good story if it had not been for too much of the romantic drivel, Roger Melin does a very good job of the narration.

andy wogan

- the web of the golden spider

Roger does a fairly decent job with a pretty dreadful tale A shame as it could have been a rollicking adventure but the hero's romantic obsession with the idiotic heroine took all the fun out of it. What could have been a raiders of the lost ark became more of the famous five get a bit wet