Ways of Wood Folk cover

Ways of Wood Folk

William Joseph Long (1867-1952)

1. Preface
2. Chapter 1: Fox-Ways, Part 1
3. Chapter 1: Fox-Ways, Part 2
4. Chapter 2: Merganser
5. Chapter 3: Queer Ways of Br'er Rabbit
6. Chapter 4: A Wild Duck
7. Chapter 5: An Oriole's Nest
8. Chapter 6: The Builders, Part 1
9. Chapter 6: The Builders, Part 2
10. Chapter 7: Crow-Ways
11. Chapter 8: One Touch of Nature
12. Chapter 9: Moose Calling
13. Chapter 10: Ch'geegee-Lokh-sis
14. Chapter 11: A Fellow of Expedients
15. Chapter 12: A Temperance Lesson for the Hornets
16. Chapter 13: Snowy Visitors
17. Chapter 14: A Christmas Carol
18. Chapter 15: Mooween the Bear

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Late nineteenth-century naturalist William J. Long invites us in to the secret worlds of the woodland animals. Containing Long's own animal observations along with stories related to him by other humans who inhabit the woods, these stories give us an insight into the behavior of wild animals as they go about their lives in their own secret places deep in the forests of eastern North America. Although Long was accused in his day of anthropomorphizing the animals he wrote about, readers who are familiar with any of the animals he writes of will have glimpses of recognition at behaviors they have seen for themselves and explore the deeper meanings these actions have in that animal's life. The stories will paint pictures in your imagination that will stay with you long after the book has ended.