A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round the World Volume 2 cover

A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round the World Volume 2

James Cook (1728-1779)

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rom Ulietea to New Zealand.CHAPTER I. Passage from Ulietea to the Friendly Isles, with a Description of several Islands that were discovered, and the Incidents which happened in that Track.CHAPTER II. Reception at Anamocka; a Robbery and its Consequences, with a Variety of other Incidents. Departure from the Island. A sailing Canoe described. Some Observations on the Navigation of these Islanders. A Description of the Island, and of those in the Neighbourhood, with some Account of the Inhabitants, and nautical Remarks.CHAPTER III. The Passage from the Friendly Isles to the New Hebrides, with an Account of the Discovery of Turtle Island, and a Variety of Incidents which happened, both before and after the Ship arrived in Port Sandwich, in the Island of Mallicollo. A Description of the Port, the adjacent Country, its Inhabitants, and many other Particulars.CHAPTER IV. An Account of the Discovery of several Islands, and an Interview and Skirmish with the Inhabitants upon one of them. The Arrival of the Ship at Tanna, and the Reception we met with there.CHAPTER V. An Intercourse established with the Natives; some Account of the Island, and a Variety of Incidents that happened during our Stay at it.CHAPTER VI. Departure from Tanna; with some Account of its Inhabitants, their Manners and Arts...