Vicar of Wrexhill cover

Vicar of Wrexhill

Frances Milton Trollope (1779-1863)

1. 01-The Village of Wrexhill
2. 02-The Morning After the Birthday
3. 03-The Vicar of Wrexhill
4. 04-The Will
5. 05-The Aristocracy of Wrexhill
6. 06-The Principal Person in the Village
7. 07-The First Impressions Made By Mr. Cartwright
8. 08-Mrs. Richards and Her Daughters
9. 09-Helen and Rosalind Call Upon Sir Gilbert Harrington
10. 10-Mrs. Mowbray Consults Mr. Carwright
11. 11-Helen's Misery at Her Mother's Displeasure
12. 12-Mr. Cartwright's Letter to His Cousin
13. 13-Mrs. Mowbray's Departure for Town
14. 14-An Interview
15. 15-Rosalind's Conversation With Miss Cartwright
16. 16-Charles Mowbray's Arrival at the Park
17. 17-Charles's Amusement at His Sister's Appearance
18. 18-Charles Walks Over to Oakley
19. 19-Mr. Steven Corbold
20. 20-Mr. Steven Corbold Returns With Mrs. Mowbray and Helen to Wrexhill
21. 21-The Return
22. 22-The Vicar and His Cousin
23. 23-Charles's Sorrow
24. 24-Discussion on Truth
25. 25-Fanny's Religion
26. 26-Charles's Conference with Mrs. Mowbray
27. 27-The Vicar's Progress
28. 28-Mrs. Simpson's Charitable Visit
29. 29-The Entry
30. 30-Walk to Oakley
31. 31-Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright's Letter
32. 32-The Widow Simpson's Disappointment
33. 33-Charles's Interview with His Stepfather
34. 34-The Vicar's Prosperity
35. 35-The Vicar at Home
36. 36-A Second Visit to the Lime Tree
37. 37-The Will
38. 38-The Letter-Bag
39. 39-The Will Executed
40. 40-The Serious Fancy Fair
41. 41-The "Elopement"
42. 42-Mr. Corbold's Adventures
43. 43-A Change Comes O'er the Spirit of Her Dream
44. 44-In Which Sundry Visits Are Made
45. 45-Mrs. Cartwright's Last Will and Testament

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A villainous vicar insinuates himself into the life of a wealthy but foolish widow, ruining the fortunes and happiness of her three children, until they begin to fight back. Published in 1837 by the mother of the better-known Anthony Trollope, this highly readable romance portrays the evangelical movement of the Anglican church in a shocking light that may remind readers of some of the religious abuses of the present day.



- Vicar of Wrexhill

Wonderful tale, I couldn't stop listening ! Interesting it was written by Anthony Trollope's mother. She too did social commentary, their dinner table conversations must have been fun. The reader was excellent.