Veronica cover


Johanna Spyri (1827-1901)

1. Chapter 1: A Visit To The Doctor
2. Chapter 2: With Fresh Courage
3. Chapter 3: Nine Years Later
4. Chapter 4: All At Home
5. Chapter 5: Upon Unsafe Paths
6. Chapter 6: Lame Sabina Gives Good Advice
7. Chapter 7: A Thunder Clap
8. Chapter 8: Each One According To His Kind
9. Chapter 9: Mother Gertrude Gives Good Advice
10. Chapter 10: Man Proposes, But God Disposes
11. Chapter 11: The Motto Proves True

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    Published in 1886, this novel encompasses a small community wherein Veronica, having lost her own mother, is “adopted” by a neighbour, Gertrude, who has a son of her own. The son, Dietrich, is learning how to become a saddler as his father before him. Their life is filled with hard work, but also some contentment. From the mother they now share, and two other matronly neighbours, Dietrich and Veronica learn valuable lessons about life. As the years pass, Dietrich and Veronica encounter trouble due to the mischief of two peers, and Dietrich more so as he is often tempted to frequent, along with others, the new tavern nearby.