Under the Andes cover

Under the Andes

Rex Stout

1. 01 - The Sweetheart of a King
2. 02 - Beginning the Dance
3. 03 - A Modern Marana
4. 04 - Allons!
5. 05 - The Cave of the Devil
6. 06 - Captured
7. 07 - The Fight in the Dark
8. 08 - The Dance of the Sun
9. 09 - Before the Court
10. 10 - The Verdict
11. 11 - A Royal Visitor
12. 12 - At the Door
13. 13 - Into the Whirlpool
14. 14 - A Fishing Party
15. 15 - The Rescue
16. 16 - The Escape
17. 17 - The Eyes in the Dark
18. 18 - A Victory and a Conversation
19. 19 - Afloat
20. 20 - An Inca Spear
21. 21 - The Midst of the Enemy
22. 22 - The Beginning of the End
23. 23 - We Are Two
24. 24 - Conclusion

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Under the Andes was written by Rex Stout years before his creation of the immensely popular Nero Wolfe series of novels, and while perhaps his future writing style is still blossoming, certainly his knack for weaving a fantastic tale of mystery and adventure will have most readers anxious for the next phase of adventure at every turn.The story finds two brothers and a pretty female companion on a journey which eventually takes them to a series of underground caves under the Andes of South America, where they encounter a lost tribe of Incas who have apparently survived hundreds of years oblivious of the outside world. The apparent 'king' of the tribe has become infatuated with the fair-skinned female intruder of the group and, well, suffice it to say there's a lot of action, attempted escapes, heroism, and peculiar interactions between all, reminiscent of H. Rider Haggard with a touch of Edgar Rice Burroughs.



- Under the Andes

No mystery, more fantasy fiction. If you have nothing better to do it is a story to pass the time, long winded. The narration is very good, Roger Melin does a very good job with a very ordinary story.


Adventure book. Not mystery. Not very good.