Uncle Josh's Punkin Centre Stories cover

Uncle Josh's Punkin Centre Stories

Cal Stewart (1856-1919)

1. 00-Preface
2. 01-Old Yeller Almanac
3. 02-Uncle Josh Weathersby's Arrival in New York
4. 03-Uncle Josh in Society
5. 04-Uncle Josh in a Chinese Laundry
6. 05-Uncle Josh in a Museum
7. 06-Uncle Josh in Wall Street
8. 07-Uncle Josh and the Fire Department
9. 08-Uncle Josh in an Auction Room
10. 09-Uncle Josh on a Fifth Avenue Bus
11. 10-Uncle Josh in a Department Store
12. 11-Uncle Josh's Comments on the Signs Seen in New York
13. 12-Uncle Josh on a Streetcar
14. 13-My First Pair of Copper Toed Boots
15. 14-Uncle Josh in Police Court
16. 15-Uncle Josh at Coney Island
17. 16-Uncle Josh at the Opera
18. 17-Uncle Josh at Delmonico's
19. 18-It Is Fall
20. 19-Si Pettingill's Brooms
21. 20-Uncle Josh Plays Golf
22. 21-Jim Lawson's Hogs
23. 22-Uncle Josh and the Lightning Rod Agent
24. 23-A Meeting of the Annanias Club
25. 24-Jim Lawson's Hoss Trade
26. 25-A Meeting of the School Directors
27. 26-The Weekly Paper at Punkin Centre
28. 27-Uncle Josh at a Camp Meeting
29. 28-The Unveiling of the Organ
30. 29-Uncle Josh Plays a Game of Baseball
31. 30-The Punkin Centre and Paw Paw Valley Railroad
32. 31-Uncle Josh on a Bicycle
33. 32-A Baptizin' At Hickory Corners Church
34. 33-Reminiscence of My Railroad Days
35. 34-Uncle Josh at a Circus
36. 35-Uncle Josh Invites the City Folks to Visit Him
37. 36-Yosemite Jim, or A Tale of the Great White Death
38. 37-Uncle Josh Weathersby's Trip to Boston
39. 38-Who Marched in Sixty-One

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A collection of comedic short stories from the perspective of an old country man.