Unclassed cover


George Gissing (1857-1903)

1. School
2. Mother and Child
3. Antecedents
4. Christmas in Two Homes
5. Possibilities
6. An Advertisment
7. Between Old and New
8. Academical
9. The Cousins
10. The Way Out
11. By the Wayside
12. Rent Day
13. A Man-Trap
14. Near and Far
15. Up the River
16. Example Without Precept
17. The Missing Years
18. The Enderbys
19. In the Meantime
20. A Suggestion
21. Diplomacy
22. Under-Currents
23. The Opportunity
24. Justice
25. Art and Misery
26. Straying
27. The Will to Live
28. Slimy's Day
29. Freedom
30. Elm Court
31. New Prospects
32. A Vision of Sin
33. A Garden Party
34. A Late Revenge
35. House-Warming
36. No Way But This
37. Forbidden
38. Orders of Release

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The Unclassed tells the story of two friends who are aspiring authors living in London in the late 19th century. Both of them fall in love. Both believe in social change but do not know how to bring it about. Both are sceptical about the values of their times. Both want respectability more then they would admit. This book, unlike many others of it's time, tells about working women, and includes honest descriptions of the slums of London.