Two Destinies cover

Two Destinies

Wilkie Collins (1824-1889)

1. The Prelude - The Guest Writes and Tells the Story of the Dinner Party
2. Chapter I - Greenwater Broad
3. Chapter II - Two Young Hearts
4. Chapter III - Swedenborg and the Sibyl
5. Chapter IV - The Curtain Falls
6. Chapter V - My Story
7. Chapter VI - Her Story
8. Chapter VII - The Woman on the Bridge
9. Chapter VIII - The Kindred Spirits
10. Chapter IX - Natural and Supernatural
11. Chapter X - Saint Anthony's Well
12. Chapter XI - The Letter of Introduction
13. Chapter XII - The Disasters of Mrs. Van Brandt
14. Chapter XIII - Not Cured Yet
15. Chapter XIV - Mrs. Van Brandt at Home
16. Chapter XV - The Obstacle Beats Me
17. Chapter XVI - My Mother's Diary
18. Chapter XVII - Shetland Hospitality
19. Chapter XVIII - The Darkened Room
20. Chapter XIX - The Cats
21. Chapter XX - The Green Flag
22. Chapter XXI - She Comes Between Us
23. Chapter XXII - She Claims Me Again
24. Chapter XXIII - The Kiss
25. Chapter XXIV - In the Shadow of St. Paul's
26. Chapter XXV - I Keep my Appointment
27. Chapter XXVI - Conversation with my Mother
28. Chapter XXVII - Conversation with Mrs. Van Brandt
29. Chapter XXVIII - Love and Money
30. Chapter XXIX - Our Destinies Part Us
31. Chapter XXX - The Prospect Darkens
32. Chapter XXXI - The Physician's Opinion
33. Chapter XXXII - A Last Look at Greenwater Broad
34. Chapter XXXIII - A Vision of the Night
35. Chapter XXXIV - By Land and Sea
36. Chapter XXXV - Under the Window
37. Chapter XXXVI - Love and Pride
38. Chapter XXXVII - The Two Destinies
39. The Wife Writes, and Closes the Story

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Mary Dermody is destined to be together with George Germaine one day, or so at least her grandmother prophesizes. Destiny at first doesn't seem to adhere to this plan, and the pair is separated and lose sight of each other. But when George saves a young woman from drowning, a strong connection seems to develop between them, which seems to be almost supernatural..