Twilight Land cover

Twilight Land

Howard Pyle (1853-1911)

1. 01a - Introduction
2. 01b - Introduction (alternate)
3. 02 - The Stool of Fortune
4. 03 - The Talisman of Solomon Part 1
5. 04 - The Talisman of Solomon Part 2
6. 05 - Ill-Luck and the Fiddler
7. 06 - Empty Bottles
8. 07 - Good Gifts and a Fool's Folly
9. 08 - The Good of a Few Words
10. 09 - Woman's Wit
11. 10 - A Piece of Good luck
12. 11 - The Fruit of Happiness
13. 12 - Not a Pin to Choose
14. 13 - Much Shall Have More and Little Shall Have Less
15. 14 - Wisdom's Wages and Folly's Pay
16. 15 -The Enchanted Island
17. 16 - All Things Are As Fate Wills
18. 17 - Where to Lay the Blame
19. 18 - The Salt of Life

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The room was all full of twilight; but there they sat, every one of them. I did not count them, but there were ever so many: Aladdin, and Ali Baba, and Fortunatis, and Jack-the-Giant-Killer, and Doctor Faustus, and Bidpai, and Cinderella, and Patient Grizzle, and the Soldier who cheated the Devil, and St. George, and Hans in Luck, who traded and traded his lump of gold until he had only an empty churn to show for it; and there was Sindbad the Sailor, and the Tailor who killed seven flies at a blow, and the Fisherman who fished up the Genie, and the Lad who fiddled for the Jew in the bramble-bush, and the Blacksmith who made Death sit in his apple-tree, and Boots, who always marries the Princess, whether he wants to or not-- a rag-tag lot as ever you saw in your life, gathered from every place, and brought together in Twilight Land. (Extracted from the first chapter of the book)