Trail's End cover

Trail's End

George W. Ogden (1871-1966)

1. The Unconquered Land
2. The Meat Hunter
3. First Blood
4. The Optimist Explains
5. Ascalon Awake
6. Riders of the Chisholm Trail
7. A Gentle Cowboy Joke
8. The Avatism of a Man
9. News From Ascalon
10. The Hour of Vengeance
11. The Penalty
12. In Place of a Regiment
13. The Hand of the Law
14. Some Fool with a Gun
15. Will His Luck Hold?
16. The Meat Hunter Comes
17. With Clean Hands
18. A Bondsman Breathes Easier
19. The Curse of Blood
20. Unclean
21. As One That Is Dead
22. Whiners at the Funeral
23. Ascalon Curls Its Lip
24. Madness of the Winds
25. A Summons at Sunrise
26. In The Square at Ascalon
27. Absolution
28. Sunset

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When an agriculture professor wanders into a wicked Kansas cowtown in order to experiment raising wheat, both the professor and the town get more than they bargain for. A wild and wooly Western.