Touch of the Sun and Other Stories cover

Touch of the Sun and Other Stories

Mary Hallock Foote (1847-1938)

1. A Touch Of Sun Part 1
2. A Touch Of Sun Part 2
3. The Maid's Progress Part 1
4. The Maid's Progress Part 2
5. Pilgrims To Mecca
6. The Harshaw Bride Part 1
7. The Harshaw Bride Part 2
8. The Harshaw Bride Part 3
9. The Harshaw Bride Part 4

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Four short stories by Mary Hallock Foote (1847–1938), an American author and illustrator. She is best known for her illustrated short stories and novels portraying life in the mining communities of the turn-of-the-century American West. She is famous for her stories of place, in which she portrayed the rough, picturesque life she experienced and observed in the old West, especially that in the early mining towns. She wrote several novels, and illustrated stories and novels by other authors for various publishers. She died at age 90. Her legacy in American history is as a stalwart of the American Old West and a teller of its stories. Her work—the numerous stories for books and periodicals, with her drawings and woodcut illustrations; the correspondence from western outposts; her novels and nonfiction—gained her notice as a skilled observer of the frontier