Toppleton's Client cover

Toppleton's Client

John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922)

1. 01 - Introducing Mr. Hopkins Toppleton
2. 02 - Mr. Hopkins Toppleton Leases an Office
3. 03 - Mr. Hopkins Toppleton Encounters a Weary Spirit
4. 04 - The Weary Spirit Gives Some Account of Himself
5. 05 - Hopkins Becomes Better Acquainted With the Weary Spirit
6. 06 - The Spirit Unfolds a Horrid Tale
7. 07 - A Chapter of Profit and Loss
8. 08 - Further Developments in the Making of a Name
9. 09 - The Crowning Act of Infamy
10. 10 - The Spirit's Story is Concluded
11. 11 - Toppleton Consults the Law and Forms an Opinion
12. 12 - Toppleton Makes a Fair Start
13. 13 - At Barncastle Hall
14. 14 - The Dinner and Its Result
15. 15 - Barncastle Confides in Hopkins
16. 16 - Mr. Hopkins Toppleton Makes a Discovery
17. 17 - Epilogue

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A pre-eminent legal firm gets far more than it bargained for when it hires the son of its late senior partner, Hopkins Toppleton, Sr., simply to retain the illustrious family name on the company masthead. Knowing Jr. is a loose cannon, their strategy is to pack him off to the UK to head up a European branch of the firm - a branch they have no intention of sending work. The unwitting Hopkins Toppleton, Jr. is, however, determined to make his mark.



- toppleton's client

great reader! amusing story!


- Toppleton's Client

Cathy Barrett does a very good job of the narration of this quirky old story.