Tom Swift and His Wireless Message cover

Tom Swift and His Wireless Message

Victor Appleton

1. An Appeal for Aid
2. Miss Nestor's News
3. Tom Knocks Out Andy
4. Mr. Damon Will Go Along
5. Vol-Planing To Earth
6. The New Airship
7. Making Some Changes
8. Andy Foger's Revenge
9. The Whizzer Flies
10. Over The Ocean
11. A Night Of Terror
12. A Downward Glide
13. On Earthquake Island
14. A Night In Camp
15. The Other Castaways
16. An Alarming Theory
17. A Mighty Shock
18. Mr. Jenks Has Diamonds
19. Secret Operations
20. The Wireless Plant
21. Messages Into Space
22. Anxious Days
23. A Reply In The Dark
24. "We Are Lost!"
25. The Rescue-Conclusion

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Tom Swift & friends decide to trial an experimental airship near the New Jersey coast, and are unexpectedly swept out to sea by hurricane winds. Unable to steer or navigate without tearing the airship apart, the hapless crew must simply let the storm take them wherever it will. Unfortunately, the storm proves too much for the craft and Tom makes a crash landing on the uninhabited and crumbling Earthquake Island.