Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers cover

Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers

Victor Appleton

1. A Suspicious Jeweler
2. A Midnight Visit
3. A Strange Story
4. Andy Foger Gets a Fright
5. A Mysterious Man
6. Mr. Damon Is On Hand
7. Mr. Parker Predicts
8. Off For the West
9. A Warning by Telegraph
10. Dropping a Stowaway
11. A Weary Search
12. The Great Stone Head
13. On Phantom Mountain
14. Warned Back
15. The Landslide
16. The Vast Cavern
17. The Phantom Captured
18. Bill Renshaw Will Help
19. In the Secret Cave
20. Making the Diamonds
21. Flashing Gems
22. Prisoners
23. Broken Bonds
24. In Great Peril
25. The Mountain Shattered. Conclusion

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Tom Swift flies his airship to the mountain tops of Colorado to seek for the secret of the Diamond Makers: criminal scientists who have figured out the formula of manufacturing a limitless fortune in diamonds. But these rogues will stop at nothing to keep their secret. Tom & friends are soon captured and left to die in a collapsing mountain.