Tinted Venus cover

Tinted Venus

F. Anstey (1856-1934)

1. In Pursuit of Pleasure
2. Pleasure in Pursuit
3. A Distinguished Stranger
4. From Bad to Worse
5. An Experiment
6. Two Are Company
7. A Further Predicament
8. Between the Devil and the Deep Sea
9. At Last
10. Damocles Dines Out
11. Denounced
12. An Appeal
13. The Last Straw
14. The Thirteenth Trump
15. The Odd Trick

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When a young newly engaged man finds himself bound for an amusement garden with an old flame, not his fiancee, it is not surprising that he still feels some attraction for her. When they escape the heat of the dance floor to walk among the trees in the garden, it is not surprising that they should come upon a statue of a woman of uncommon beauty, with the smallest hands. When the young man attempts to demonstrate that his absent fiancee has hands even smaller than this immortalized stone woman, it is surprising when the engagement ring he is carrying fits easily on the stone finger, but does not easily come off. There are many surprises to come with with this sculpted woman and the all too lively young lady from his past.



- Tinted Venus

fun...well read, listened to twice...will check out more from this author