Through Glacier Park cover

Through Glacier Park

Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876-1958)

1. 1 - Forward & The Adventurers
2. 2 - 'Fall In'
3. 3 - A Sporting Chance
4. 4 - All in the Game
5. 5 - 'Running Water and Still Pools'
6. 6 - The Call
7. 7 - The Black Marks
8. 8 - Bears
9. 9 - Down the Flathead Rapids

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This is about a three-hundred mile trip across the Rocky Mountains on horseback with Howard Eaton. It is about fishing, and cool nights around a camp-fire, and long days on the trail. It is about a party of all sorts, from everywhere, of men and women, old and young, experienced folk and novices, who had yielded to a desire to belong to the sportsmen of the road. And it is by way of being advice also. Your true convert must always preach. (Introduction by Mary Roberts Rinehart quoted from the text.)