Three Times and Out cover

Three Times and Out

Nellie McClung (1873-1951)

1. Dedication and Preface
2. Chapter I. How It Started
3. Chapter II. Through Belgium
4. Chapter III. Into Germany
5. Chapter IV. The Lazaret
6. Chapter V. The Prison-Camp
7. Chapter VI. Rossbach
8. Chapter VII. The Escape; Chapter VIII. Off For Switzerland!
9. Chapter IX. Caught; Chapter X. The Cells!
10. Chapter XI. The Strafe-Barrack
11. Chapter XII. Back to Camp
12. Chapter XIII. Cellelager
13. Chapter XIV. Off For Holland!
14. Chapter XV. Caught Again
15. Chapter XVI. The Invisible Brotherhood
16. Chapter XVII. The Cells at Oldenburg
17. Chapter XVIII. Parnewinkel Camp
18. Chapter XIX. The Blackest Chapter of All
19. Chapter XX. Once Again!
20. Chapter XXI. Travelers of the Night
21. Chapter XXII. The Long Road to Freedom
22. Chapter XXIII. Out; Conclusion

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The true story of M. C. Simmons, a Canadian soldier captured by the German Army during the early days of World War I. We read of his sixteen months of imprisonment, his encounters with other captured troops of the other Allied armies and his observations of the nature of his captors and their countrymen. Most compellingly we read of his escape from POW camp, his recapture and punishment, and then the capture and punishment following his second escape attempt, climaxing in his third escape attempt and daring travel through enemy territory against all odds. In McClung's words, "Private Simmons is a close and accurate observer who sees clearly and talks well. He tells a straightforward, unadorned tale, every sentence of which is true, and convincing."