The Three Mulla-mulgars cover

The Three Mulla-mulgars

Walter De la Mare (1873-1956)

1. 01-Chapter One
2. 02-Chapter Two
3. 03-Chapter Three
4. 04-Chapter Four
5. 05-Chapter Five
6. 06-Chapter Six
7. 07-Chapter Seven
8. 08-Chapter Eight
9. 09-Chapter Nine
10. 10-Chapter Ten
11. 11-Chapter Eleven
12. 12-Chapter Twelve
13. 13-Chapter Thirteen
14. 14-Chapter Fourteen
15. 15-Chapter Fifteen
16. 16-Chapter Sixteen
17. 17-Chapter Seventeen
18. 18-Chapter Eighteen
19. 19-Chapter Nineteen
20. 20-Chapter Twenty
21. 21-Chapter Twenty One
22. 22-Chapter Twenty Two
23. 23-Chapter Twenty Three

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Three monkey brothers, Thumb, Thimble, and Nod, are Mulla-mulgars or royal monkeys. As she dies, their mother gives them the enchanted Wonderstone for protection, and tells them to follow their father. They embark on a journey of fantastical adventure to find their father, who left years earlier in search of the kingdom of his brother, the Prince of the Valleys of Tishnar, promising to return for them after he had found the way.