Those Extraordinary Twins cover

Those Extraordinary Twins

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

1. 00 Introduction
2. 01 Chapter 1 The Twins as They Really Were
3. 02 Chapter 2 Ma Cooper Gets All Mixed Up
4. 03 Chapter 3 Angelo is Blue
5. 04 Chapter 4 Supernatural Chronometry
6. 05 Chapter 5 Guilt and Innocence Finely Blent
7. 06 Chapter 6 The Amazing Duel
8. 07 Chapter 7 Luigi Defies Galen
9. 08 Chapter 8 Baptism of the Better Half
10. 09 Chapter 9 The Drinkless Drunk
11. 10 Chapter 10 So They Hanged Luigi + Final Remarks

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"Those Extraordinary Twins" was published as a short story, separate and distinct from its origins inside Twain's "The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson". As Twain explains, he extricated "Twins" from "Pudd'nhead" when he found, as he was writing, that he'd created a farce inside a tragedy. This is the excised farce, a story about Italian Siamese twins who completely take over a small Missouri town, splitting it down the middle with half supporting one head and the other, the other. (Introduction by John Greenman)