Theodoric the Goth cover

Theodoric the Goth

Thomas Hodgkin (1831-1913)

1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. Chapter 1: Theodoric's Ancestors
4. Chapter 2: The Might of Attila
5. Chapter 3: Theodoric's Boyhood
6. Chapter 4: The Southward Migration
7. Chapter 5: Storm and Stress
8. Chapter 6: Italy under Odovacar
9. Chapter 7: The Conquest of Italy
10. Chapter 8: Civilitas
11. Chapter 9: Roman Officials - Cassiodorus
12. Chapter 10: The Arian League
13. Chapter 11: Anastasius
14. Chapter 12: Rome and Ravenna
15. Chapter 13: Boethius
16. Chapter 14: Theodoric's Tomb
17. Chapter 15: Amalasuentha
18. Chapter 16: Belisarius
19. Chapter 17: Totila
20. Chapter 18: Narses
21. Chapter 19: The Theodoric of Saga Part 1
22. Chapter 19: The Theodoric of Saga Part 2

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Theodoric the Great (~454-526) was king of the Ostrogoths during the time of the terminal decline of the Western Roman Empire. After wandering with his people through the Balkans, at times allied with the Eastern Empire, and at others, its enemy, he was invited by the Emperor Zeno to invade and conquer Italy on behalf of the Empire. He defeated the Germanic king Odovacar, who had himself deposed the last Emperor of the West, and established the Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy. He became known as "King of the Goths and Romans in Italy", ruling according to the principle of civilitas. His reign was a time of stability and prosperity. ( Patrick Eaton)