The Tempest cover

The Tempest

William Shakespeare

1. 00 - Dramatis Personae
2. 01 - Act I
3. 02 - Act II
4. 03 - Act II
5. 04 - Act IV
6. 05 - Act V

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Banished from his own lands by a usurping brother, Prospero and his daughter Miranda have been living on a deserted island for years, until fate brings the brother within the range of Prospero's powers. Will he seek revenge, or reconcilement?


hania nasir

- english

this is a very adventure and a interesting novel l have ever seen , his views and the way of talking (the dialogue) is un doughtly remarable + fantastic , this is really a excellent novel students as well as adults should watch it ! and l"m sure they will must enjoy it!