Teddy's Button cover

Teddy's Button

Amy LeFeuvre (1861-1929)

1. 01 - An Antagonist
2. 02 - When Greek Meets Greek Then Comes The Tug Of War
3. 03 - A Recruiting Sergeant
4. 04 - Enlisting for Life
5. 05 - First Victories
6. 06 - The Redcoats
7. 07 - Uplifted and Cast Down
8. 08 - In the Clover Field
9. 09 - Lost
10. 10 - Found

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Teddy loves to tell the story of how his father heroically died on the battlefield and guards his button jealously. But this brings contention and strife when a new girl comes to town. Teddy begins to learn what it means to be a soldier under Christ, his Captain.


Debbie M.

- Interesting Twist on Enemies

Loved the way the author told the story, using real life situations to teach positive character traits. Well written, and well narrated.


- Teddy's Button

A Sunday school story, but well narrated.


- Mystery and religion mixed

The author has an interesting way of combining mystery and religion. He does it well. A somewhat touching tale. Well worth the time to listen.