Tarrano the Conqueror cover

Tarrano the Conqueror

Ray Cummings (1887-1957)

1. The New Murders
2. Warning
3. Spy in the House
4. To the North Pole
5. Outlawed Flight
6. Man of Destiny
7. Prisoners
8. Unknown Friend
9. Paralyzed!
10. Georg Escapes
11. Recaptured
12. Tara
13. Love--and Hate
14. Defying Worlds
15. Escape
16. Playground of Venus
17. Violet Beam of Death
18. Passing of a Friend
19. Waters of Eternal Peace
20. Unseen Menace
21. Love, Music--and a Warning
22. Revolution!
23. First Retreat
24. Attack on the Palace
25. Immortal Terror
26. Black Cloud of Death
27. Tarrano the Man
28. Thing in the Forest
29. A Woman's Scream
30. The Monster
31. Industriana
32. Departure
33. First Assault
34. Invisible Assailants
35. Attack on the Power House
36. City of Ice Besieged
37. Battle

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In "Tarrano the Conqueror" is presented a tale of the year 2430 A.D.--a time somewhat farther beyond our present-day era than we are beyond Columbus' discovery of America. My desire has been to create for you the impression that you have suddenly been plunged forward into that time--to give you the feeling Columbus might have had could he have read a novel of our present-day life. To this end I have conceived myself a writer of that future time, addressing his contemporary public. You are to imagine yourself reading a present day translation of my original text--a translation so free that a thousand little colloquialisms will have crept into it that could not possibly have their counterparts in the year 2430.