Tangled Trails cover

Tangled Trails

William MacLeod Raine (1871-1954)

1. No Altruist
2. Wild Rose Takes the Dust
3. For the Championship of the World
4. Not Always Two to Make a Quarrel
5. Cousins Meet
6. Lights Out
7. Foul Play
8. By Means of the Fire Escape
9. The Story in the "News"
10. Kirby Asks a Direct Question
11. The Coroner's Inquest
12. "That's the Man"
13. "Always, Phyllis"
14. A Friend in Need
15. A Glove and the Hand in it
16. The Lady With the Violet Perfume
17. In Dry Valley
18. "Burnin' a Hole in My Pocket"
19. A Discovery
20. The Brass Bed
21. James Loses His Temper
22. "Are You With Me or Against Me?"
23. Cousins Disagree
24. Reverand Nicodemus Rankin Forgets and Remembers
25. A Conference of Three
26. Cutting Trail
27. The Detective Gets Two Surprises
28. The Finger of Suspicion Points
29. "Come Clean, Jack"
30. Kirby Makes a Call
31. The Mask of the Red Bandanna
32. Jack Takes Off His Coat
33. Olson Tells a Story
34. From the Fire Escape
35. Like a Thief in the Night
36. A Ride in a Taxi
37. On the Grill
38. A Full Morning
39. Kirby Invites Himself to a Ride
40. The Mills of the Gods
41. Enter X
42. The New World

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The aptly titled "Tangled Trails, A Western Detective Story" takes the listener through a web of curious incidents revolving around the murder of a prominent man in Denver. Kirby Lane was quite obviously the guilty party in the murder of his uncle. Lane, among others, had had a falling out with his uncle, the victim James Cunningham. But there were some who believed his nephew to be innocent of the hideous crime. Lane feared the guilty party to be a female bronco rider whom he had befriended, as her presence at the scene of the crime was quite evident, albeit only to him. There were others also who appeared to be implicated in the murder for various reasons, thus leading to a veritable tangling of clues and suspects. Was there a detective capable enough to untangle this web? ( Roger Melin)



- Tangled Trails

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