Talleyrand Maxim cover

Talleyrand Maxim

Joseph Smith Fletcher (1863-1935)

1. Death brings Opportunity
2. In Trust
3. The Shop-Boy
4. The Fortunate Possessors
5. Point Blank
6. The Unexpected
7. The Supreme Inducement
8. Terms
9. Until Next Spring
10. The Foot-Bridge
11. The Prevalent Atmosphere
12. The Power of Attorney
13. The First Trick
14. Cards on the Table
15. Pratt offers a Hand
16. A Headquarters Conference
17. Advertisement
18. The Confiding Landlord
19. The Eye Witness
20. The Green Man
21. The Direct Charge
22. The Cat's Paw
23. Smooth Face and Anxious Brain
24. The Better Half
25. Dry Sherry
26. The Telephone Message
27. Restored to Energy
28. The Woman in Black

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John Mallathorpe, a wealthy Yorkshire industrialist and land owner dies in an accident, apparently without making a will. His estate goes to his wife and two children and they live the good life for a number of years. However, an old bookseller, whilst clearing some old books passed on from the Mallathorpe estate, finds a copy of Mallathorpe's will inside one of the books, and unfortunately for the family the will bequeaths the whole estate minus a small endowment for the family, to the city authorities. The bookseller takes the will to the local solicitor to seek advice, but unfortunately dies in the solicitor's office. The clerk on duty sees an opportunity to benefit himself from the knowledge of the existence of the will. This is a gripping detective story, with many twists and turns, based in Edwardian England.



- The Talleyrand Maxim

Interesting story from start to end, good reader thanks to provider and reader.


- The Talleyrand Maxim

This is a very good book, but the reader is awesome! It was like listening to Radio 4. A huge thank you to this wonderful reader for taking the time to make listening such a delightful experience.


- Talleyrand Maxim

a good story with an interesting plot. Reader brings it to life, fantastic.


- Talleyrand Maxim

Great ! great story , characters and great reader...sorry it had to end !


- review

Fab story with twists and turns. Professional reader who made the story a joy to listen to. Highly, highly recommended.


WOW! Not only has J.S. Fletcher become my current favorite author, Kevin, the reader, does a terrrific job! I almost want to begin it again right now.(Bernie...you will not have ONE complaint about this story or reader - I promise.)