Tales of the Jazz Age cover

Tales of the Jazz Age

F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940)

1. 00 - Table of Contents
2. 01 - The Jelly-Bean
3. 02 - The Camel's Back
4. 03 - May Day Part I
5. 04 - May Day Part II
6. 05 - Porcelain and Pink
7. 06 - The Diamond As Big As the Ritz Part I
8. 07 - The Diamond As Big As the Ritz Part II
9. 08 - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
10. 09 - Tarquin of Cheapside
11. 10 - 'O Russet Witch!'
12. 11 - The Lees of Happiness
13. 12 - Mr. Icky
14. 13 - Jemina

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Tales of the Jazz Age (1922) is a collection of eleven short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Divided into three separate parts, according to subject matter, it includes one of his better-known short stories, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Several of the stories had also been published earlier, independently, in either The Metropolitan, Saturday Evening Post, Smart Set, Collier's, Chicago Tribune, or Vanity Fair.



- Benjamin Button

Excellent reading!!


- Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Brilliant story,I enjoyed this reading.


- nice story

good story to follow. Not too long.


- Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Sweet story nicely narrated! It's short, maybe about an hour give or take. Loved it!


- Brilliant story

Brilliant story and beautifully read. Thank you!

Collin Naicker

- Great story

What an amazing story, read beautifully.

I enjoyed this reading. Excellent story.

Very good story--enjoyed it and the reader made it even more enjoyable.

Brilliant story .. I just love it.

Love the reading.