Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic cover

Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic

Thomas Wentworth Higginson (1823-1911)

1. 00 - Preface
2. 01 - Chapter I: The Story of Atlantis
3. 02 - Chapter II: Taliessin of the Radiant Brow
4. 03 - Chapter III: The Swan-Children of Lir
5. 04 - Chapter IV: Usheen in the Island of Youth
6. 05 - Chapter V: Bran the Blessed
7. 06 - Chapter VI: The Castle of the Active Door
8. 07 - Chapter VII: Merlin the Enchanter
9. 08 - Chapter VIII: Sir Lancelot of the Lake
10. 09 - Chapter IX: The Half-Man
11. 10 - Chapter X: King Arthur at Avalon
12. 11 - Chapter XI: Maelduin's Voyage
13. 12 - Chapter XII: The Voyage of St. Brandan
14. 13 - Chapter XIII: Kirwan's Search for Hy-Brasail
15. 14 - Chapter XIV: The Isle of Satan's Hand
16. 15 - Chapter XV: Antillia, the Island of the Seven Cities
17. 16 - Chapter XVI: Harald the Viking
18. 17 - Chapter XVII: The Search for Norumbega
19. 18 - Chapter XVIII: The Guardians of the St. Lawrence
20. 19 - Chapter XIX: The Island of Demons
21. 20 - Chapter XX: Bimini and the Fountain of Youth

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The sea has always been, by the mystery of its horizon, the fury of its storms, and the variableness of the atmosphere above it, the foreordained land of romance. In all ages and with all sea-going races there has always been something especially fascinating about an island amid the ocean. It's very existence has for all explorers an air of magic. The order of the tales in the present work follows roughly the order of development, giving first the legends which kept near the European shore, and then those which, like St. Brandan's or Antillia, were assigned to the open sea or, like Norumbega or the Isle of Demons, to the very coast of America. Every tale in this book bears reference to some actual legend, followed more or less closely, and the authorities for each will be found carefully given in the appendix for such readers as may care to follow the subject further.