Tales of a Wayside Inn cover

Tales of a Wayside Inn

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

1. 01 - Prelude; The Landlord's Tale (Paul Revere's Ride)
2. 02 - The Student's Tale (The Falcon of Ser Federigo); The Spanish Jew's Tale (The Legend of Rabbi Ben Levi)
3. 03 - The Sicilian's Tale (King Robert of Sicily)
4. 04 - The Musician's Tale, Parts I-VI
5. 05 - The Musician's Tale, Parts VII-XII
6. 06 - The Musician's Tale Parts XIII-XVII
7. 07 - The Musician's Tale, Parts XVIII-XXII; Interlude
8. 08 - The Theologian's Tale; Interlude
9. 09 - The Poet's Tale; Finale
10. 10 - (Miscellaneous poems)

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Mostly a collection of story-telling poems told by a group of friends in a tavern late one night. "Tales" includes the famous Paul Revere's ride, together with poems of many tales, countries and styles.