Tales of Three Hemispheres cover

Tales of Three Hemispheres

Lord Dunsany (1878-1957)

1. The Last Dream Of Bwona Khubla
2. How the Office of Postman Fell Vacant In Otford-under-the-Wold
3. The Prayer Of Boob Aheera
4. East And West
5. A Pretty Quarrel
6. How The Gods Avenged Meoul Ki Ning
7. The Gift Of The Gods
8. The Sack Of Emeralds
9. The Old Brown Coat
10. An Archive Of The Older Mysteries
11. A City Of Wonder
12. Beyond the Fields We Know
13. First Tale: Idle Days on the Yann
14. Second Tale: A Shop In Go-By Street
15. Third Tale: The Avenger Of Perdóndaris

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    Tales of Three Hemispheres is a collection of fantasy short stories by Lord Dunsany. The first edition was published in Boston by John W. Luce & Co. in November, 1919; the first British edition was published in London by T. Fisher Unwin in June, 1920. The book collects 14 short pieces by Dunsany; the last three, under the general heading "Beyond the Fields We Know," are related tales, as explained in the publisher's note preceding the first, "Idle Days on the Yann," which was previously published in the author's earlier collection A Dreamer's Tales, but reprinted in the current one owing to the relationship.