Tales From Dickens cover

Tales From Dickens

Hallie Erminie Rives (1874-1956)

1. The Old Curiosity Shop - Little Nell
2. The Old Curiosity Shop - The Wanderers
3. The Old Curiosity Shop - The Search
4. Oliver Twist - How Oliver Came to London and What He Found There
5. Oliver Twist - Oliver's Adventures
6. Oliver Twist - How Everything Turned Out Right for Oliver in the End
7. Barnaby Rudge - Barnaby's Boyhood
8. Barnaby Rudge - The Mysterious Stranger and Who He Was
9. Barnaby Rudge - Barnaby Gets Into Trouble
10. Barnaby Rudge - Barnaby Prospers at Last
11. David Copperfield - David's Early Ups and Downs
12. David Copperfield - Little Em'ly
13. David Copperfield - David and His Child-Wife
14. David Copperfield - David Finds All Well at Last
15. Great Expectations - Pip and the Convict
16. Great Expectations - The Queer Miss Havisham
17. Great Expectations - Pip Discovers His Benefactor
18. Great Expectations - Pip Comes to Himself
19. Nicholas Nickleby - Nicholas at Dotheboys Hall
20. Nicholas Nickleby - Nicholas Becomes an Actor
21. Nicholas Nickleby - Nicholas Comes to Kate's Rescue
22. Nicholas Nickleby - What Happened to Everybody
23. Dombey and Son - Little Paul
24. Dombey and Son - How Florence Lost Her Father
25. Dombey and Son - How Florence Reached a Refuge
26. Dombey and Son - How Florence Found Her Father at Last
27. The Pickwick Papers - The Pickwickians Begin Their Adventures. They Meet Mr. Alfred Jingle, and Winkle Is Involved in a Duel
28. The Pickwick Papers - Tupman Has a Love-Affair With a Spinster, and the Pickwickians Find Out the Real Character of Jingle
29. The Pickwick Papers - Mr. Pickwick Has an Interesting Scene With Mrs. Bardell, His Housekeeper. Further Pursuit of Jingle Leads to an Adventure at a Young Ladies' Boarding School
30. The Pickwick Papers - Sam Weller Meets His Father, and the Pursuit of Jingle Is Continued. Mr. Pickwick Makes a Strange Call on a Middle-Aged Lady in Yellow Curl Papers
31. The Pickwick Papers - The Pickwickians Find Themselves in the Grasp of the Law. The Final Exposure of Jingle, and a Christmas Merrymaking
32. The Pickwick Papers - The Celebrated Case of Bardell Against Pickwick. Sergeant Buzfuz's Speech and an Unexpected Verdict
33. The Pickwick Papers - Winkle Has an Exciting Adventure With Mr. Dowler, and With the Aid of Mr. Pickwick and Sam Weller Discovers the Whereabouts of Miss Arabella Allen
34. The Pickwick Papers - Mr. Pickwick's Experiences in the Debtors' Prison, Where He Finds an Old Enemy and Heaps Coals of Fire on the Head of Mrs. Bardell
35. The Pickwick Papers - Snodgrass Gets Into Difficulties, But Wins His Lady-Love. The Adventures of the Pickwickians Come to an End
36. Little Dorritt - How Arthur Came Home from China
37. Little Dorritt - The Child of the Marshalsea
38. Little Dorritt - What Riches Brought to the Dorrits
39. Little Dorritt - What Happened to Arthur Clennam
40. Little Dorritt - "All's Well That Ends Well"
41. Martin Chuzzlewit - How Martin Left England
42. Martin Chuzzlewit - Pecksniff and Old Chuzzlewit
43. Martin Chuzzlewit - Jonas Gets Rid of an Enemy
44. Martin Chuzzlewit - What Came of Martin's Trip to America
45. Martin Chuzzlewit - Old Chuzzlewit's Plot Succeeds
46. Our Mutual Friend - What Happened to John Harmon
47. Our Mutual Friend - Lizzie Hexam and the Dolls' Dressmaker
48. Our Mutual Friend - The Rise and Fall of Silas Wegg
49. Our Mutual Friend - Bella and the Golden Dustman
50. Our Mutual Friend - The End of the Story
51. A Tale of Two Cities - How Lucie Found a Father
52. A Tale of Two Cities - Darnay Caught in the Net
53. A Tale of Two Cities - Sydney Carton's Sacrifice
54. Bleak House - The Court of Chancery
55. Bleak House - Lady Dedlock's Secret
56. Bleak House - Little Joe Plays a Part
57. Bleak House - Esther Becomes the Mistress of Bleak House
58. Hard Times - Mr. Gradgrind and His "System"
59. Hard Times - The Robbery of Bounderby's Bank
60. Hard Times - Harthouse's Plan Fails
61. Hard Times - Stephen's Return
62. The Mystery of Edwin Drood - John Jasper
63. The Mystery of Edwin Drood - The Coming of Neville Landless
64. The Mystery of Edwin Drood - The Choirmaster's Dinner
65. The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Jasper Shows His Teeth
66. Charles Dickens

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The Old Curiosity Shop; Hard Times; A Tale of Two Cities; Oliver Twist; The Pickwick Papers. Have you read any or all of these famous Dickens stories? The author of this marvelous book, Rives Ermine, a highly successful author in her own right, simply wanted to retell the basic elements of some of Dickens best beloved novels and story lines. Now is your chance to revisit these stories and revive the memories of great reads. Of it you haven't gotten around to some of these classics, this would be a marvelous chance to listen to what they are about so you can enjoy them even more in the original later. The synopsis of each book by Dickens, broken into 3 or 4 sections, is read by a single LibriVox reader for a more consistent and understandable flow. As an added treat, the author's essay on Charles Dickens has been added as the last section of this audiobook.