Tales and Novels — Volume 08 cover

Tales and Novels — Volume 08

Maria Edgeworth (1767-1849)

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TALES AND NOVELS, VOLUME VIIIPATRONAGE, concluded; COMIC DRAMAS; LEONORA; AND LETTERS.BYMARIA EDGEWORTH.IN TEN VOLUMES. WITH ENGRAVINGS ON STEEL. PATRONAGECHAPTER XXXVI.No less an event than Alfred's marriage, no event calling less imperatively upon her feelings, could have recovered Lady Jane's sympathy for Caroline. But Alfred Percy, who had been the restorer of her fortune, her friend in adversity, what pain it would give him to find her, at the moment when he might expect her congratulations, quarrelling with his sister that sister, too, who had left her home, where she was so happy, and Hungerford Castle, where she was adored, on purpose to tend Lady Jane in sickness and obscurity!Without being put exactly into these words, or, perhaps, into any words, thoughts such as these, with feelings of gratitude and affection, revived for Caroline in Lady Jane's mind the moment she heard of Alfred's intended marriage."Good young man! Excellent friend! Well, tell me all About it, my dear ."It was the first time that her ladyship had said my dear to Caroline since the day of the fatal refusal.Caroline was touched by this word of reconciliation and the tears it brought into her eyes completely overcame Lady Jane, who hastily wiped her own."So, my dear Caroline where were we? Tell me about your brother's marriage when is it to be? How has it been brought about? The last I heard of the Leicesters was the good dean's death I remember pitying them very much Were they not left in straitened circumstances, too? Will Alfred have any fortune with Miss Leicester? Tell me every thing read me his letters."To go back to Dr. Leicester's death. For some months his preferments were kept in abeyance. Many were named, or thought of, as likely to succeed him. The deanery was in the gift of the crown, and as it was imagined that the vicarage was also at the disposal of government, applications had poured in, on all sides, for friends, and friends' friends, to the remotest link of the supporters of ministry But to use their own elegant, phrase the hands of government were tied...