Tales and Novels — Volume 07 cover

Tales and Novels — Volume 07

Maria Edgeworth (1767-1849)

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TALES AND NOVELSBY MARIA EDGEWORTH.IN TEN VOLUMES. WITH ENGRAVINGS ON STEEL.VOL. VII.PATRONAGE.PATRONAGE. "Above a patron though I condescend Sometimes to call a minister my friend."TO THE READER.My daughter again applies to me for my paternal imprimatur ; and I hope that I am not swayed by partiality, when I give the sanction which she requires.To excite the rising generation to depend upon their own exertions for success in life is surely a laudable endeavour; but, while the young mind is cautioned against dependence on the patronage of the great, and of office, it is encouraged to rely upon such friends as may be acquired by personal merit, good manners, and good conduct.RICHARD LOVELL EDGEWORTH. Edgeworthstown, Oct. 6, 1813. PREFACE TO THE THIRD EDITION.The public has called for a third impression of this book; it was, therefore, the duty of the author to take advantage of the corrections which have been communicated to her by private friends and public censors. Whatever she has thought liable to just censure has in the present edition been amended, as far as is consistent with the identity of the story. It is remarkable that several incidents which have been objected to as impossible or improbable were true. For instance, the medical case, in Chapter XIX.A bishop was really saved from suffocation by a clergyman in his diocese (no matter where or when), in the manner represented in Chapter X. The bishop died long ago; and he never was an epicure. A considerable estate was about seventy years ago regained, as described in Chapter XLII., by the discovery of a sixpence under the seal of a deed, which had been coined later than the date of the deed. Whether it be advantageous or prudent to introduce such singular facts in a fictitious history is a separate consideration, which might lead to a discussion too long for the present occasion.On some other points of more importance to the writer, it is necessary here to add a few words...