Tale of Freddie Firefly cover

Tale of Freddie Firefly

Arthur Scott Bailey (1877-1949)

1. A Merry Dancer
2. A Fine Idea
3. Freddie Agrees to Help
4. Getting Ready
5. At the Stone Wall
6. The Banners
7. The Torchlight Parade
8. Buster's Scheme
9. Freddie's Promise
10. Drawing Lots
11. Peppery Polly
12. A Terrible Song
13. Caught by a Thistle
14. Jennie Junebug
15. The Fat Lady's Secret
16. Freddie's Escape
17. Bad Benjamin Bat
18. Pleasing Farmer Green
19. Benjamin Feels Guilty
20. Mrs. Ladybug's Advice
21. All About Trains
22. Work on the Railroad
23. Why Freddie Was Glad

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He was able to draw a deep breath again as they reached the field of red clover, where Peppery Polly Bumblebee settled quickly upon a clover-top and began sucking up the sweet nectar with her long tongue. For some time she worked busily without saying a word. And indeed, how could she have spoken with her tongue buried deep in the heart of a clover blossom? (From The Tale of Freddy Firefly)