Tale of Dickie Deer Mouse cover

Tale of Dickie Deer Mouse

Arthur Scott Bailey (1877-1949)

1. A Little Gentleman
2. Hunting a Home
3. A Startled Sleeper
4. The Blackbird's Nest
5. Dickie's Summer Home
6. A Warning
7. Noisy Visitors
8. In the Cornfield
9. Fatty Coon Needs Help
10. A Bit of Advice
11. A Search in Vain
12. A Little Surprise
13. The Feathers Fly
14. Making Ready for Winter
15. A Plunge in the Dark
16. A Lucky Find
17. A Slight Mistake
18. Too Many Cousins
19. The Wrong Turn
20. Bedfellows
21. One Way to Keep Warm
22. Queer Mr. Pine Finch
23. A Feast at Last

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"All the four-footed folk in the neighborhood agreed that Dickie Deer Mouse was well worth knowing. Throughout Pleasant Valley there was no one else so gentle as he . . . He was always tastefully dressed in fawn color and white. And except sometimes in the spring, when he needed a new coat, he was a real joy to see. For he both looked and acted like a well-bred little person."In one of Bailey's "Sleepy-Time Tales", we follow a polite little mouse called Dickie as he hunts for a summer home, finds food, and avoids various predators. But winter is coming, and Dickie must look for a cozy place to sleep. He then makes a slight mistake, with results that could be disastrous -- or not. In this recording the voice of Dickie is read by five-year-old SuperCoconut, while her older sister narrates and reads the other characters.