Swamp Island cover

Swamp Island

Mildred A. Wirt Benson (1905-2002)

1. The Bearded Stranger
2. Alerting All Cars
3. Unfinished Business
4. A Traffic Accident
5. The Red Stain
6. Ambulance Call
7. An Empty Bed
8. In Search of Jerry
9. The Widow Jones
10. Inside the Woodshed
11. An Abandoned Car
12. A Job For Penny
13. Into the Swamp
14. A Code Message
15. Beyond the Boardwalk
16. Treed by a Boar
17. Rescue
18. Wanted: A Guide
19. Penny's Plan
20. Trailing Hod Hawkins
21. The Tunnel of Leaves
22. Help From Tony
23. Lost in the Hyacinths
24. Under the Fencepost
25. Outwitted

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Late entry in the Penny Parker teen girl mystery series (1939-47) by one of the early ghostwriters (as Carolyn Keene) of Nancy Drew concerns an escaped embezzler, his revenge on the reporter whose articles helped convict him, and a long missing $50 grand.



He is a good reader.

James Hold

- Swamp Island

MWB is a terrific writer. She conveys a lot of info using simple sentences. I disagree with the previous reviewer about the reader. He does a much better job that the woman who reads the other three PP mysteries available.


- Swamp Island

Matt is unfortunately an inconsistent and hesitant narrator of this story, you may persist because you think it might get better, it doesn't. The story itself is a simple mystery with the main character being a precocious Nancy Drew type, but with less sense.