Sun and Saddle Leather cover

Sun and Saddle Leather

Charles Badger Clark (1883-1957)

1. Preface
2. Ridin'
3. The Song of the Leather
4. A Bad Half Hour
5. From Town
6. A Cowboy's Prayer
7. The Christmas Trail
8. A Border Affair
9. The Bunk-House Orchestra
10. The Outlaw
11. The Legend of Boastful Bill
12. The Tied Maverick
13. The Roundup Lullaby
14. The Trail o' Love
15. Bachin'
16. The Glory Trail
17. Bacon
18. The Lost Pardner
19. God's Reserves
20. The Married Man
21. The Old Cow Man
22. The Plainsmen
23. The Westerner
24. The Wind is Blowin'
25. On Boot Hill

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    Cowboy Poetry began as a 19th Century Performance Art staged around a crackling campfire, referencing tall tales and personal stories, lost girlfriends, and love of the vast unboundaried West. It was best accompanied by a hot tin cup of boiled coffee, dunked biscuits, and beef jerky. The rhymed couplets were easy to remember, and once the day's drive was done, everybody had a few hours to listen to friends and wonder at the stars. Badger Clark gave voice and record to this unique American folk art, and built on it to express his own creative genius. He was declared the first Poet Laureate of South Dakota, or as he liked to say, “Poet Lariat.”