Submarine Boys on Duty cover

Submarine Boys on Duty

Victor G. Durham (1862?-1925?)

1. Two Boys Who Planned to Become Great
2. The Fighting Chance
3. Josh Owen Starts Trouble
4. The Trick of the Flashlight
5. One Man's Dumfounded Face
6. Along the Trail of Trouble
7. When Thieves Fall Out
8. A Swift Stroke for Honor
9. The Submarine Makes Its Bow to Old Ocean
10. Under Water, Where Men's Nerves are Tried
11. The Try-Out in the Depths
12. The Discovery From the Conning Tower
13. A High-Sea Mystery
14. An Up-To-Date Revenge
15. The Courage That Rang True
16. The Last Second of the Nick of Time
17. In the Grip of Horror
18. The Last Gasp of Despair
19. Jack Strikes the Key to the Mystery
20. 'One On' the Watch Officer
21. The Man Who Dropped the Glass
22. A Dive That was Like Magic
23. Wanted, Badly-One Steward!
24. Conclusion

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Jack Benson and Hal Hastings arrive in Dunhaven, looking for adventure. But in a sleepy, little town, they might not find much. When they find out that there is a submarine in the shipyard, they decide that this is what they have been looking for.