Submarine Boys and the Spies cover

Submarine Boys and the Spies

Victor G. Durham (1862?-1925?)

1. 'Guess Day' at Spruce Beach
2. Trouble in the Making Stage
3. On the Edge of the Spider's Web
4. Kamanako Appears on the Scene
5. Eph Learns Something New
6. The Little Russian has His Way
7. A Pointer Jolts the Submarine Captain
8. Even Up for Mr. Kamanako
9. 'Dog, Who is Your Master?'
10. M. Lemaire Proves His Training
11. Jack's Friends Do Some Fast Guessing
12. In the Power of the Spies
13. The Fellow Who Showed the White Flag
14. A Remembrance From Shore
15. Captain Jack Becomes Suspicious
16. The Government Takes a Hand
17. Drummond's Little Surprise-For Himself
18. 'Remember What Happened to the 'Maine'!'
19. A Joke on the Secret Service!
20. A Bright Look and a Deadly Warning
21. A French Rat in the Corner
22. Gallant Even to the Foe
23. 'Good-Bye, My Captain!'
24. Conclusion

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It is a wonderful December day in Spruce Beach, FL, and everyone is waiting, waiting for something special that has been promised. The "Benson", the fast submarine built by the Pollard Submarine Boat Company, is set to arrive. But, there are more people who are interested in the "Benson" than those picnicking on the beach. Who could they be? (Ann Boulais)