Submarine Boys and the Middies cover

Submarine Boys and the Middies

Victor G. Durham (1862?-1925?)

1. The Prize Detail
2. How Eph Flirted with Science
3. 'You May as Well Leave the Bridge!'
4. Mr. Farnum Offers Another Guess
5. Truax Shows the Sulks
6. Two Kinds of Voodoo
7. Jack Finds Something 'New', All Right
8. A Young Captain in Tatters
9. Truax Gives a Hint
10. A Squint at the Camelroorelephant
11. But Something Happened!
12. Jack Benson, Expert Explainer
13. Ready for the Sea Cruise
14. The 'Pollard' Goes Lame
15. Another Turn at Hard Luck
16. Braving Nothing But a Sneak
17. The Evil Genius of the Water Front
18. Held up by the Marines
19. The Lieutenant Commander's Verdict
20. Conclusion

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The Pollard is about to be taken to Anapolis, where the United States Navy will train their midshipmen how to run the submarine. Jack, Hal and Eph are all to help with training and to see the sights in Anapolis. They might even persuade the Navy to buy the second submarine, the Farnum. (Ann Boulais)