Submarine Boys' Trial Trip cover

Submarine Boys' Trial Trip

Victor G. Durham (1862?-1925?)

1. A Big Cloud on the Submarine Horizon
2. A Submarine Stunt that Dumbfounds the Beholders
3. Mr. Melville Hurls the Crash
4. A Squall in an Office
5. Don Melville Takes a Hand
6. The 'Pollard' has a Rival
7. Missing-A Submarine and Crew
8. Farnum Stock Goes Up
9. A Rascally Piece of Work
10. A Race for Mixed Prizes
11. What Befell the Real Benson
12. The Capitalist Doesn't Like the Situation
13. On Trial as Young Experts
14. Fooling the Navy, But Only Once
15. Serving in the Cause of Peace, Not War
16. Fighting a Mutiny with Threats
17. Jack Perpetrates a Practical Sea Joke
18. Eph Enjoys Being Rescued
19. Jack Stumbles Upon a Big Surprise
20. Conclusion

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The torpedo submarine's inventor, Jack Farnum, is looking for investors to help him kick his new shipyard into high gear. He already has his crew set, with sixteen year old Jack Benson as the captain, and his friend Hal Hastings running the engines. But, there may be some changes to the crew of the Pollard on the horizon.