Submarine Boys' Lightning Cruise cover

Submarine Boys' Lightning Cruise

Victor G. Durham (1862?-1925?)

1. Why the Danger Sign was Up
2. Torpedo Practice at Last
3. Struck by a Submerged Foe
4. A Submariner's Revenge
5. The Mysterious Order Comes
6. Judas & Co. Introduce Themselves
7. Eph Sommers Plays Gallant
8. One, Two, Three--A Full Bag
9. But Something Happened Next
10. John C. Rhinds Advocates Fair Sport!
11. The Strain of Red-Hot Metal
12. Let a Sailor Stick to Her Deck
13. The Trick is Easily Seen Through
14. Radwin Doesn't See His Best Chance
15. The Goal of the Lightning Cruise
16. Jack Gives the Order. 'Fire!'
17. The Message of Terror
18. The Findings on the 'Thor'
19. On the Other Side of the Forced Door
20. Captain Jack Pulls a New String
21. Jack Meets a Human Fact, Face to Face
22. A Cornered Submarine Captain
23. A Coward's Last Ditch
24. Conclusion

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Captain Jack Benson and Hal Hastings have been sailing in torpedo submarines a while now. But, there is new danger that they will have to get used to, having the actual torpedoes onboard! They will be trying out a new boat, named after Hal, with the Navy watching closely. But trouble is always close by. (Ann Boulais)