Studies About Trees cover

Studies About Trees

Jacob Joshua Levison (1881-?)

1. Preface and Introduction
2. Chapter 1 - How to Identify Trees
3. Chapter 2 - How to Identify Trees (Continued)
4. Chapter 3 - How to Identify Trees (Continued)
5. Chapter 4 - The Structure and Requirements of Trees
6. Chapter 5 - What Trees to Plant and How
7. Chapter 6 - The Care of Trees
8. Chapter 7 - Forestry
9. Chapter 8 - Our Common Woods: Their Identification, Properties and Uses
10. Chapter 9 - An Outdoor Lesson on Trees

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In this work Levison aims to create a book that allows beginners to be able to understand how to identify trees, as well as to give information of their structure and uses. Once these topics are addressed, he then moves into concepts of care, planting and forestry.