Stowmarket Mystery, or, a Legacy of Hate cover

Stowmarket Mystery, or, a Legacy of Hate

Louis Tracy (1863-1928)

1. 'The Stowmarket Mystery'
2. David Hume's Story
3. The Dream
4. Through the Library Window
5. From Behind the Hedge
6. An Old Acquaintance
7. Husband and Wife
8. Revelations
9. The Ko-Katana
10. The Black Museum
11. Mr. 'Okasaki'
12. What the Stationmaster Saw
13. Two Women
14. Margaret Speaks Out
15. An Unexpected Visitor
16. The Cousins
17. 'Cherchez La Femme'
18. Further Complications
19. The Third Man Appears
20. The Trail
21. Concerning Chickens, and Motives
22. The Second Attack
23. Margaret's Secret
24. The Meeting
25. Where Did Margaret Go?
26. Mr. Ooma
27. Holden's Story
28. Mr. and Mrs. Jiro
29. Margaret's Secret
30. Husband and Wife
31. To Beechcroft
32. The Fight
33. The Last Note in Brett's Diary

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Another case for Reginald Brett, barrister and hobby detective: David Hume-Frazer is in some trouble. He was the prime suspect in the murder case of his cousin, Alan. Though he was never convicted, suspicion clings to him, and he wishes his name to be cleared before he marries his fiancé, Helen Layton. The case is baffling: Alan was murdered with a Japanese knife on his own grounds, in front of the library windows -- in the same place, where four of his ancestors already died "in their boots"...