Story of the Amulet cover

Story of the Amulet

Edith Nesbit (1858-1924)

1. Chapter 1: The Psammead
2. Chapter 2: The Half Amulet
3. Chapter 3: The Past
4. Chapter 4: Eight Thousand Years Ago
5. Chapter 5: The Fight in the Village
6. Chapter 6: The Way to Babylon
7. Chapter 7: The Deepest Dungeon Below the Castle Moat
8. Chapter 8: The Queen in London
9. Chapter 9: Atlantis
10. Chapter 10: The Little Black Girl and Julius Caesar
11. Chapter 11: Before Pharaoh
12. Chapter 12: The Sorry-Present and the Expelled Little Boy
13. Chapter 13: The Shipwreck on the Tin Islands
14. Chapter 14: The Heart's Desire

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The third of the series featuring Cyril, Anthea, Robert and Jane: four children who are, as they often say, "the sort of people that wonderful things happen to". In 'Five Children and It' they were lucky enough to meet the magical, wish-granting Psammead - and in this final book they meet him once again. He guides them to an ancient Amulet that will help them find their hearts' desire - but it's only half an amulet, and seeking for the other half has them whizzing about through time on another series of amazing adventures.



- good so far

Not done with the story yet, but all is well! The reader and story are great. :D