The Story of a Candy Rabbit cover

The Story of a Candy Rabbit

Laura Lee Hope

1. 01 - Is He In Fairyland?
2. 02 - The Rabbit's New Home
3. 03 - The Bad Cat
4. 04 - Up In the Air
5. 05 - The Organ Grinder
6. 06 - The Peddler's Basket
7. 07 - In the Bathtub
8. 08 - In a Wheelbarrow
9. 09 - At the Party
10. 10 - In a Boy's Pocket

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The Candy Rabbit wakes up one morning to find his Destiny has arrived: he is part of a wonderful Easter display at the toy shop in which he lives -- and any moment now the customers will arrive! Follow this sweet chap as he has many little adventures, making new friends and catching up with old friends along the way.