A Story of Love cover

A Story of Love

Francis Cassilly (1860-1938)

1. 00 - Introduction
2. 01 - Friendship
3. 02 - Qualities of Friendship
4. 03 - My Friend Divine
5. 04 - God's Gifts
6. 05 - God Ever Working for Me
7. 06 - Sharing in the Divine Nature
8. 07 - "Ye Are Gods"
9. 08 - Children of God
10. 09 - Children at Home
11. 10 - Brothers and Sisters Mine
12. 11 - The Indwelling of the Holy Ghost
13. 12 - God's Home Within Me
14. 13 - God's Living Temple
15. 14 - Christ's Body to Me
16. 15 - Face to Face
17. 16 - Waiting

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This is not a love story, but the story of love, a love which every man and woman was created to experience, a love so intense and fulfilling that it scarcely seems possible to grasp, yet one that is offered to every human person who opens his heart and mind to its beauty and wonder. This is a love that so many of our forefathers have found and even now enjoy, but which so many of us still seek. The American Jesuit Father Cassilly opens our eyes to this love, the unifying and personal love between the human person and his Creator. He shows how this ultimate love is the basis of all true love that we experience and how this love, which introduces itself at the beginning of our lives and faithfully endures throughout our lives, awaits us in its fullness at the end of our earthly pilgrimage.