The Story of Electricity cover

The Story of Electricity

John Munro (1849-1930)

1. 01: Preface and Chapter 1: The Electricity of Friction
2. 02 - Chapter II: The Electricity of Chemistry
3. 03 - Chapter III: The Electricity of Heat
4. 04 - Chapter IV: The Electricity of Magnetism
5. 05 - Chapter V: Electrolysis
6. 06 - Chapter VI: The Telegraph and Telephone
7. 07 - Chapter VII: Electric Light and Heat
8. 08 - Chapter VIII: Electric Power
9. 09 - Chapter IX: Minor Uses of Electricity
10. 10 - Chapter X: The Wireless Telegraph
11. 11 - Chapter XI: Electro-Chemistry and Electro-Metallurgy
12. 12 - Chapter XII: Electric Railways
13. 13 - Appendix

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In the book's preface, the author writes: "Let anyone stop to consider how he individually would be affected if all electrical service were suddenly to cease, and he cannot fail to appreciate the claims of electricity to attentive study."In these days when we take for granted all kinds of technology - communications, entertainment, medical, military, industrial and domestic - it is interesting to learn what progress had been made in the fields of electricity and technology by the beginning of the 20th century.Including the dawn of hydro-electric power, the x-ray, the phonograph, the telephone and the wireless telegraph, this book explains the pioneering work of the men who made our modern world possible, and sets us wondering what the next century may bring.


M.J. Tazreiter

- The Story of Electricity

great book, fascinating and down to earth explanations of the accomplishments in electricity. Thanks for sharing.