Saga of Gunnlaug the Worm-Tongue and Raven the Skald cover

Saga of Gunnlaug the Worm-Tongue and Raven the Skald


1. I. Of Thorstein Eglison and his Kin. II. Of Thorstein's Dream. III. Of the Birth and Fostering of Helga the Fair
2. IV. Of Gunnlaug Worm-tongue and his Kin. V. Of Raven and his Kin. VI. How Helga was vowed to Gunnlaug, and of Gunnlaug's faring abroad.
3. VII. Of Gunnlaug in the East and the West. VIII. Of Gunnlaug in Ireland.
4. IX. Of the Quarrel between Gunnlaug and Raven before the Swedish King. X. How Raven came home to Iceland, and asked for Helga to Wife. XI. Of how Gunnlaug must needs abide away from Iceland.
5. XII. Of Gunnlaug's landing, and how he found Helga wedded to Raven. XIII. Of the Winter-Wedding at Skaney, and how Gunnlaug gave the Kings Cloak to Helga. XIV. Of the Holmgang at the Althing.
6. XV. How Gunnlaug and Raven agreed to go East to Norway, to try the matter again. XVI. How the two Foes met and fought at Dingness.
7. XVII. The News of the Fight brought to Iceland. XVIII. The Death of Helga the Fair.

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