Starved Rock: A Historical Sketch cover

Starved Rock: A Historical Sketch

Eaton G. Osman (1853-1929)

1. 01 - Preface and Introductory
2. 02 - The Discoverers and The Discovery
3. 03 - The Fate of the Explorers and LaSalle
4. 04 - LaSalle's Career and Tonty
5. 05 - Starved Rock Fortified/Kismet
6. 06 - LaSalle's Successors/The Missions
7. 07 - The Drama of the 18th Cent./Stvd. Rock in the 18th Cent.
8. 08 - The Last of the Illinois
9. 09 - The Sequel
10. 10 - Modern Starved Rock
11. 11 - The Historians/The Novelist
12. 12 - The Relics

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This book is an early history of the Starved Rock Area in Northern Illinois. In the pre-Columbian era, the Starved Rock area was home to Native Americans, particularly the Kaskaskia who lived in the Grand Village of the Illinois across the river. Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette were the first Europeans recorded as exploring the region, and by 1683, the French had established Fort St. Louis on a large sandstone butte overlooking the river. According to a native legend, a group of Illinois Confederation (Illini) pursued by the Ottawa and Potawatomi fled to the butte in the late 18th century. The Ottawa and Potawatomi besieged the butte until all of the Illini had starved, and the butte became known as Starved Rock. The butte area was designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1960. (Introduction by Wikipedia and Veronica Jenkins)